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"Men's club"

Faithful companions for good cigar party

Young brandy Armenika with mild taste, piquant almond bitterness and abundant bouquet of resinous vanilla tone complemented with hazelnut in dark chocolate.


  • Armenika brandy 0,5 l


  • Chocolate coin 100 mm
  • Hazelnut in dark chocolate 180 g
  • Cigars from the different countries


  • Glass for brandy
6 700 q

"Toscana's Hills"

Fragnant Italian flavorings and spices on the breadstics, figa balsamic cream, foie gras with truffle, sun-dried tomatoes and piquant zucchini in the premial olive oil, ham and red dry wine.

Isn't it sound like the music, worth of narrow streets and cozy squares of the Old Europe.


  • Red dry wine 0,75 л (for Your taste)


  • Balsamic cream 1 pcs
  • Berry jam 270 ml
  • Sun-dried tomatoes 150 g
  • Breadstics with spicies 180 гр
  • Foie gras with truffle 75 гр
  • Zucchini in olive oil 230 гр
  • Pork 100 г
  • Cheese, 45% 100 гр
10 200 q

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