The grocery of the Kupetz Eliseevs Food Hall includes goods from the best producers from around the world, carefully selected at international exhibitions. The quality of olive oil, for example, depends not only on pressing, but also on the place of origin of olives, therefore the best oil is brought to the Kupetz Eliseevs Food Hall from Greek eco-friendly fields, from the factory which has a European certificate confirming that the highest requirements for the environmental friendliness are observed at all stages of production. In addition to olive oil, there are also very useful nut oils without fragrances and additives, hazelnut oil, walnut, pistachio ail, almond oil, and coconut oil. The collection of Spanish sauces can inspire our customers to new experiments in their own kitchen, and spices will give a novel taste to the familiar dishes.

Sauces from Sicilian tomatoes, capers, olives, sun dried tomatoes and peppers - all are selected from the best Italian, Spanish and other world producers. French jams and сonfitures are famous for their juicy flavors, but we may also surprise our customers with unconventional ones, like rose petal confiture or violet confiture, for example.

Collective balsamic vinegar

Kupetz Eliseevs Food Hall presents collective aged balsamic vinegars, created on the base of italian wines. Balsamic vinegars traditaonally are a perfect addition to the most delicious dishes and desserts.

0 г.

Courses made with sea salt differ itself with milder and more natural taste for its composition of microelements. In our Food Hall you can find collection of sea salt with chili pepper, province herbs and clove.


65 г.
480 rub
Assortment of Principe De Azahar vinegears

Souces, based on natural vinegears with flavors of fruits, berries, spices and wines from best spanish manufacture

200 г.
1000 rub

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