The Grocery Department of Eliseevsky shop includes only goods, selected at international fairs from the best manufacturers. For example, the quality of olive oil depends not only on processing, but also on the place of origin of olives. That’s why the best olive oil comes to Eliseevsky shop from Greek eco-friendly fields and the factory that has European certification saying that highest requirements were met at all production stages. Besides olive oil, here one can find wholesome nut oils without any flavoring or additives, such as hazelnut, walnut, pistachio, almond oils as well as edible coconut oil. The collection of wine-based Spanish dressings and fragrant spices inspire our customers for new kitchen experiments and gives shades to familiar dishes.

Special attention deserves Eliseevy’s preservatives – sauces from Sicilian tomatoes, capers, olives, sundried tomatoes and paprika from finest Italian and Spanish manufacturers. French jams and confitures with rich fruit tastes will make your day and confiture from rose and violet petals will amaze you with its unusual taste.

Italian sauce with tuna

The Kupetz Eliseevs Food Hall offers tomato sause with tuna for those, who loves seaproducts

180 г.
950 rub
Italian appetizer with porchini mashrooms

Light appetizer made of mashrooms, artichoke and olivas

290 г.
1700 rub
Italian wild boar meat sauce

Try wild boar in Italian meat sauce!

180 г.
950 rub

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