In the center of shopping space, surrounded by shining shop windows, where quaint lily-of-the-valley lamps gleam, locates our coffeeshop. Here you can treat yourself with a tender patisserie with fresh berries and a cup of flavorous tea or coffee, sitting on a red sofa under a sprawling palm.

The menu includes the best coffee blends from all over the world, exquisite teas and unique desserts. Indulge yourself with truly exotic sweets: milk and dark chocolate with the flavor of Earl Grey, sea salt and rose. Banana, corn and even garlic marzipans, tarts and shortcakes of fantastic colors and well-known macaroons will coax a sigh of delight from the most sophisticated gourmet.

Chocolate fondant

Chocolate fondant is popular French dessert, cake, made of chocolate biscuit. Its speciality is fluid center 

0 г.
180 rub

Financier is an almond cake with flavors of: raspberry, blackberry, chocolate

0 г.
150 rub

It's the great match to coffee - small biscuits with flavors of: raspberry, phistache, praline, lemon

0 г.
180 rub

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