Our pastry chef recreated many recipes based on antique cookbooks. All sweets are hand-made and carry a piece of France, Italy and England. Their ingredients are also brought in from all over the world. We have a popular dessert called "macaron", which everyone should try!

The coffeeshop of the Kupetz Eliseevs Food Hall is located in the center of the main hall, surrounded by shining shop windows, where intricate lamps in the form of huge lilies are reflected as garlands. Here you can treat yourself to a delicate cake with fresh berries and a cup of coffee or tea, sitting on a red couch under a huge spreading palm tree.

The coffeeshop menu features famous coffee blends from around the world, exquisite teas and original desserts. Milk and dark chocolate with bergamot, sea salt, Sicilian orange, pink pepper, marzipan fruits, colorful cakes and pastries will surprise even sophisticated gourmets.

Macaroon Deluxe Raspberry

Must try of pastry - macaroon with fresh berries

100 г.
400 rub
Strawberry mojito

Tart, mojito mousse and fresh strawberries! 

100 г.
250 rub
Cake Passion Fruit Paradise

Luxury combination of cream with passion fruit puree and chocolate biscuit 

95 г.
220 rub

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