Fish and Caviar

The Kupetz Eliseevs Food Hall has always been famous for fish delicacies and caviar. Today, the seafood department offers sturgeon, tuna, salmon, trout, sterlet, omul, eel, scallops, smelt, rare species of fish. Seafood lovers would appreciate fresh oysters. The Kupetz Eliseevs Food Hall is the place where local and international gourmets buy red and black caviar. Black sturgeon caviar under the brand "Kupetz Eliseevs" is delivered directly from Astrakhan. In addition, rare rainbow trout caviar is also presented here, as well as beluga caviar.

Sterlet caviar

Pasterized caviar means the caviar had heat treatment. This method helps to keep all healthy qualities of the caviar longer. Its taste is more delicate, which people prefer more

28 г.
from 3900 rub
Sterlet caviar "Caspian gold" classic and premium

«The Golden Pearls» of the Royal Fish. Each tiny fish-egg is glowing softly on the nacreous bed. Available in big boxes.

250 г.
from 29 000 rub
Caviar of sturgeon fish Royal Black

 Black sturgeon caviar of fine texture with fresh taste with nutty aftertaste. It has a very pure taste and just slightly salted. The expiration period is 1 year.

28.4 г.
from 3900 rub

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