Eliseevy Merchants’ shop represents a wide range of in-house confectionery as well as sweet masterpieces from all over the world. Here you can find the best chocolate from Switzerland, Belgium, Italy and Serbia, classic tastes together with exceptional combinations of orange and pink pepper, tea, exotic fruits and mint. British hand-made sweets caught the fancy of Peterburgers long ago for its variety of fillings and high quality. Eastern sweets occupy considerable place in the shop window of Confectionary department: tender Italian nougat with nuts, fruits, chocolate and caramel, Turkish delight the melts in one’s mouth, marzipan fruits hand-made by Italian pastry chef s and glazed fruits – favorite dessert of French monarchs.

Pastry Chefs of Eliseevy Merchants’ Shop prepared a lot of wonders to daze the most exacting customers. Our chocolatiers make fresh natural chocolate with nuts, fruits and even flowers, our bakers treat with fondest almond cookies. Eliseevsky macaroons with white chocolate and cream filling are famous all around St. Petersburg. Our carameliers create startling caramel compositions which will dress any celebration.

Eliseevs zefir

Natural zefir is a diet dessert. There is 2 flavors in the set: apple-cinnamon and cherry

0 г.
350 rub
Gingerbread set "Champagne and glasses"

Ginger with glaze and house logo. This funny gift will be evaluated in every company 

80 г.
200 rub
Chocolate Adore

Chocolate Adore is handmade high quality chocolate in unique package. Each cover was made exclusively for each flavor of chocolate. The designers used high technology of printing to emphasize individuality of the product

80 г.
700 rub

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