Meat products

There’s a wide choice of meat products in the meat section at shop of Merchants Eliseevy: elite sorts of meat, sausage and legendary Iberian hams. The last being a particular source of pride of Eliseevsky deli counter with its collection of superior Iberian hams, such as Pata Negro which is made of Black Iberian pork. Black Iberian pigs are the offsprings of wild pigs who lived on the border of Spain and Portugal centuries ago. The animals are raised in a healthier environment, fed organic feed. They are constantly moving around and therefore burn more calories than confined pigs, so fat penetrates into muscles, making the taste of meat more intensive. This sort of Iberian ham is one of the most popular and costly in the world.

Eco delicacies such as buffalo meat, deer, wild boar and horseflesh meat products are worth mentioning as well. The finest specimen of Italian, Spanish and German specialties together with various bresaolas, fuets, salami and salchichonas will touch the feelings of the most sophisticated gourmet. We have recently added farmer delicacies – home-made ham, duck breast carpaccio and buzhenina (slow-baked fresh ham) and otherviands for connoisseurs of excellence and finest taste.

Smoked sausages

The Kupetz Eliseevs Food Hall presents smoked sausages, made of pork. Sorts Chorizo, Salsichon, Salami. In general, the sausages are cooked with pure meat and fat. The sausage is a key ingredient of italian pizza, pasta, sandwiches and cold appetizers

100 г.
from 380 rub

Hamon - dried pork meat with 20 centuries of history. The practice of making pork, keeping the meat in salt was known since ancienty. This is ecologically clear product, which perfectly goes with red wine. Can be an appetizer or a separate dish. Available from: Argentina, Portugal, Italy, San-Marino

100 г.
from 450 rub

The Kupetz Eliseevs Food Hall presents the wide assortment of eco-pate with different tastes: deer meat with carrot, elk meat with pumpkin seeds, roe meat with forest mashrooms, bear meat with cowberry. It's the real delicacy, full of vitamins and made of natural meat of wild animals

200 г.
700 rub

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