Vine & cheese

More than 40 unique for St. Petersburg sorts of wine and strong beverages were brought specially for the opening of Eliseevsky shop.

The suppliers of Eliseevsky shop are small family businesses (in particular from Burgundy), where grapes is cultivated organically, almost by hand. These are little houses with grape fields of 3-4 hectares owned by the followers of so-called “domain philosophy”, which means taking full responsibility for every production step. They grow vine, fertilize and harvest it, control the quality and sell final product. As the result we have upscale biodynamic and organic wines of superior quality.

We have not just a simple section with spirits, but a whole wine and cheese department. This way we are cultivating in our customers the love to pair wine with the right cheese. There exist some peculiarities and rules. Specially trained cavistes are always here to help you select the right alcohol.

For those who would like to taste the drinks on the spot there is a big wine list for both restaurants Mezzanine and Sklad №5. One can find beverages for any taste and budget. A huge variety (more than 500) of everyday wines and stronger beverages cost only 300-350 rubles a bottle. Chateau Petrus, a luxury wine priced at 550,000 rubles has a big potential of shelf-life up to hundreds of years.

A special attention deserves vodka with trademark of Eliseevy Merchants. It’s a premium vodka, distilled with honey and fresh water from natural springs, infused with light hints of raspberry. This first-rate vodka is made following the old recipe found in archives during restoration works. This recipe has always been popular among the Russian elite and many European leaders. The bottle design was inspired by tinted glass panels in the main hall and golden banisters with floral motives on the showroom verandas.

Upscale red dry wine Tramonto was bottled in Crimea especially for Eliseevy Merchants’ shop which is quite symbolic, because  Eliseevsky’s vineries used to be based there.  The line of champagne under the trademark of “Eliseevy Merchants”, which caught the fancy of Petersburgers, deserves attention too.

Vodka Matrioshka

Among foreigners, visiting the country, the perfect souvenir, combining two Russian symbols in one product.

Vodka of Kupetz Eliseevs is original Russian product, created with recipes of Eliseev Brothers. The boutle of this exclusive beverage is decorated like bright stained-glass windows of The Kupetz Eliseevs Food Hall. The perfect match of two Russian symbols: Matreshka doll and Russian Vodka. Unique recipe, bright decor and high quality of the drink create premium class product, which becomes such a nice gift

0 г.
1300 rub
Vodka of Kupetz Eliseevs

Kupetz Eliseevs vodka - an originally Russian product, created according to the recipe of Eliseev brothers. Bottle of this exclusive drink is decorated with pattern that reflects bright stained-glass windows of the Food Hall 

0 г.
from 1000 rub
Kupetz Eliseevs Champagne

Kupetz Eliseevs Champagne - original sparkling wine, recreated according to Eliseevs brothers recipes

750 г.
900 rub

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