Wine & cheese

A variety of wine and spirits unique for St. Petersburg is specially selected by the Kupetz Eliseevs Food Hall. Our suppliers are small family farms (in particular, from Burgundy).

The department of the store is called wine-cheese: this means that we instill in our customers the culture of pairing the right wine with the right cheese and understanding their subtleties and rules. Highly qualified wine assistants will always help our customers to make an excellent choice.

For those who want to try drinks on the spot, there is a large wine list offered by both "Sklad №5" and “Mezonin”, which answer the questions of "where to go in St. Petersburg". For connoisseurs there are also drinks of exclusive quality and a noble strength. Our collection of great wines is also rich and diverse. Chateau Petrus wine worth 550 thousand rubles has a great potential for storage life - its life cycle spans centuries. The branded vodka "Kupetz Eliseevs" also deserves to be acknowledged. It is made with honey and fresh water from natural sources and has light raspberry notes. Its antique recipe was found in the archives during the restoration. The drink was in demand among the Russian elite and European leaders. The panels of stained glass in the main room and gold railing with floral motifs and foliage elements on the verandas of the main hall inspired to create the design of the bottle. The branded champagne "Kupetz Eliseevs” is also loved by the locals.

Hard cheese

Hard cheeses are aged cheeses. They are crumbly and dry, but not shriveled up. Great for crumbling and grating, some of the most popular hard cheeses are Italian, like Parmigiano, Grana Padano and Pecorino Romano, although there is a great aged Cheddar and an aged Gouda and a French Mimolette that are just fantastic alternatives. The aging gives them that dry texture, but it also gives hard cheese much more pungency and character. These not mild cheeses! They have a long shelf life and will continue to develop their flavor as they age. Check our selection of gourmet hard cheese below.

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Cheeses with blue mold

Special character of this cheese assortment is pieces of blue mold inside of the cheese, which leaves unrepeatable taste. The legent says, blue cheese were created in Vth century, when a young shepherd met a nice stranger and forgot about his lunch. However, forgotten cheese got the blue mold. In our store we have: Gorgonzola, Wiesenkase, Bodenseekase, Blueshatel. Made in: Switzerland. Fat: 20-54%

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from 500 rub
Soft cheese

Soft cheese is probably Kupetz Eliseevs Food Hall most popular category. This category includes some of the most beloved cheeses in our store, like the ever-popular Brie and Camembert, as well as our incredible selection of double and triple cream cheeses like Delice de Bourgogne and Explorateur. Within soft cheeses you can find those made of cow's milk, a great variety of chevres (goat milk cheeses), great creamy blue cheeses and even some studded with raisins! 

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