Today a Frenchman Dimitry Esposito is in charge of the bakery. More than 20 kinds of bread are baked every early morning: Italian focaccia, French baguette and croissants, corn and royal bread, with olives and sundried tomatoes, following unique author and classic recipes. Every day we gratify our customers with hot sweet rolls straight off the oven. The process of dough-making is thoroughly controlled. We choose only quality ingredients, which are mixed by hand.

In the bakery department of our shop a friendly baker puts baking sheets in the oven right in front of your eyes. The aroma of our pastry fills the whole shop and as our regular morning customers say, the best French croissants for breakfast can be found in St.Petersburg, but only at Eliseevy Merchants’ Shop.

Countryside sandwich

Sandwich with baguette, tomatoes, pickles, mozarella, becon, salad and sauce

270 г.
250 rub
Brioshe chocolate

Its a sort biscuit with pieces of milk chocolate

220 г.
120 rub
Apple tartelette

Soft and airy tartelette, baked with apples and almond cream

220 г.
250 rub

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