Branded products

The Kupetz Eliseevs Food Hall directly cooperates with manufacturers from all over the world. Each of our products undergoes rigorous selection: starting with establishing the origin of primary raw materials, we always make a choice in favor of traditional production. The in-house products are made by a professional team in the store. As a result, such masterpieces as caramel sculptures, chocolate bars with nuts, fruits and even flowers, handmade chocolate shoes, cookies, marshmallows and many other delicacies fall on the shelves. That is why we guarantee the quality of our branded products. At the request of the guest, any goods can be packed as a gift basket.

    Набор из трех видов чая
    3 type of tea set

    The set of 3 types of tea: cherry punch, white monkey and puer – the tea, that will help you to open the magical world of taste, aroma and healthy effect. 

    Ассортимент чая в фирменных шкатулках
    Assortment of tea

    Different kinds of tea in beautiful boxes with house logo

    Ассорти чая от Бабушки
    Babushka tea assortment

    Different kinds of tea with berries in beautiful boxes, remineds us real Russian grandma’s care

    Белевская пастила
    Belev pastille

    Assortment of Traditional Belev Pastille, which is manufactured more, than 100 years. Vanilla and fruit flavors in chocolate glaze

    Набор леденцов
    Caramel set

    The set of the most popular caramel – the taste of ginger, mint and citrus in a gift package

    Шоколадный батончик без сахара
    Chocolate bar without sugar

    Chocolatier of the Kupetz Eliseevs creates natural milk and dark chocolate in bars for those, who doesn’t eat sugar. Now it’s possible to please yourself with high quality desert, avoiding sugar consumption. 

    Шоколадная отрытка
    Chocolate postal

    Memorable and delicious gift from the magical and oldest food hall of St. Petersburg! Great souvenir for you and your beloved ones!

    Кокосовое масло
    Coconut oil

    Coconut oil is natural oil, which is extracted from fresh coconut

    Кофе в шоколаде
    Coffee in chocolate

    Coffee beans in chocolate top

    Сушеный инжир
    Dried figs

    Figs is the most mysterious and very healthy fruit.Dried figs are perfectly fine. In many respects, the properties of the dried figs are not different from those of fresh fruit. One advantage of this fruit is that it starts to dry out right on the branches of a tree. Dries easily under the sun, and allow the fruit to keep a maximum of vitamins and mineral properties.


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