In the Kupetz Eliseevs Food Hall there is a wide range of in-house production and sweet masterpieces from all over the world. The best chocolate from Switzerland, Belgium, Italy and Serbia is presented in the Kupetz Eliseevs Food Hall. The gustatory range of this chocolate is amazing – from classic flavors to combinations of orange and pink pepper, tea, exotic fruits and mint. The locals have fallen in love with British handmade candies with a variety of fillings. Orient sweets occupy a separate showcase of the confectionery department. Here is delicate Italian nougat with nuts, fruits, chocolate and caramel, and Turkish rahat lokum. It is impossible not to notice hand-made marzipan fruits, and glazed fruit which was the favorite dessert of the French monarchs.

Our chocolatiers make fresh, natural chocolate bars with nuts, fruits and even flowers. Our bakers treat customers with delicate crispy almond biscuits and famous macaroni stuffed with white chocolate and cream. Our carameliers create stunning compositions of caramel that will dress any holiday.

    Французские трюфели "BARON"
    “Baron” French Truffles

    “Baron” French Truffles – classical French truffles rich of intensive dark chocolate taste. Its bittersweet taste is balanced by natural cacao powder that plenteously covers truffles. In our Food Hall you can find chili taste truffles as well as truffles with spicy ginger and minty crystals. Explore new taste and open up a new world of delicacy, so they’ll become your favorite one.

    Женское счастье
    “Ladies’ happiness”

    Chewing dragee in a funny package. Tastes of peach and cherry

    Яблочный хлеб
    Apple bread
    Churchill's печенье "Марлен"
    Belgian chocolate biscuits “Marlene”

    The epitome of Art Deco finesse, this delightful silver tin exudes opulence in abundance. Positioned on the lid of this stylish confectionery box resides a woman of immense intrigue and sophistication. Belgian Chocolate Biscuits inside the box

    Бельгийский шоколад без сахара
    Belgian chocolate without sugar

    The brand “Balance” chooses the finest ingredients from all corners of the world, with respect for the environment and for the farmers of the Southern Hemisphere. It shares with line of no surag chocolate bars with the Kupetz Eliseevs Food Hall

    Мармелад Елисеевский БИО
    BIO fruit jelly

    Fruit Jelly made in Kupetz Eliseevs Food Hall is a very natural product, the ingredients are only fruit juice, pectin and sugar

    Био мармелад
    Bio natur jelly

    Marmalade – is widely popular and favorite dish in the entire world. At the East the story of candied jelly is more, then thousands years

    Британские шоколадные конфеты ручной работы Artisan du Chocolat
    British hand-crafted chocolate bonbons

    Kupetz Eliseevs Food Hall is an exclusive presenter of Artisan du Chocolat – famous British chocolate bonbons. The bonbons are made by old recipes and they say that the British Royal family prefer this chocolate brand

    Торт "Арабика"
    Cake “Arabica”

    Cake “Arabica” is the mix of blackberry marmalade and coffee cheese mousse

    Торт "Карибы"
    Cake “Caribbean”

    The desigh of the cake reminds blue waves of the ocean and the taste is coconut milk mousse and jelly with pieces of pineapple and passion fruit


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