Fish and Caviar

The Kupetz Eliseevs Food Hall has always been famous for fish delicacies and caviar. Today, the seafood department offers sturgeon, tuna, salmon, trout, sterlet, omul, eel, scallops, smelt, rare species of fish. Seafood lovers would appreciate fresh oysters. The Kupetz Eliseevs Food Hall is the place where local and international gourmets buy red and black caviar. Black sturgeon caviar under the brand “Kupetz Eliseevs” is delivered directly from Astrakhan. In addition, rare rainbow trout caviar is also presented here, as well as beluga caviar.

    Армянская икра осетровая
    Armenian sturgeon caviar

    Caviar, produced specially for the Kupetz Eliseevs Food Hall. It has tender aftertaste and big expiration period. Can be a perfect gift, possible to take in a long trip.

    Икра Белуги
    Beluga caviar

    Light and delicious taste with tiny aftertaste of cream, caviar melts in a mouth, giving the touch of freshness.

    Шкатулка для икры
    Caviar keeper

    Hand-printed boxes for caviar. Gze, Khokhloma, Mezen are vintage techniques of printing, well-known in Russian for centuries. The box keeps a proper temperature longer.

    Зернистая икра осетровых рыб Royal Black
    Caviar of sturgeon fish Royal Black

     Black sturgeon caviar of fine texture with fresh taste with nutty aftertaste. It has a very pure taste and just slightly salted. The expiration period is 1 year.

    Минога горячего копчения
    Lamprey Smoke-cured

    Smoke-cured lamprey is a fish of a snake shape, without scale, bones and guts. 

    Филе форели и лосося слабой соли от шефа
    Light-salted salmon filet

    Light-salted salmon filet is made by a chef of Kupetz Eliseevs Food Hall, so it is fresh every day 

    Икра горбуши
    Pink salmon Caviar

    Pink salmon caviar is one of the best salmon delicacies, it consists of 9 milimetres caviar berries of yellowish colour. Keta Salmon Caviar is very tasty and is highly aprecciated.

    Паюсная икра
    Pressed caviar

    Pressed caviar is made of fresh sturgeon caviar, its is just slightly salted and  has a rich taste of black caviar.

    Красная лососевая икра
    Salmon Caviar

    Salmon caviar is a well known delicacy. The third of the delicacy is a pure protein, that is a highly digestible element and also red caviar contains a lot of polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are very healthy for brainwork and  eyes. They boosts immunity and have a strong antiallergic effect.


    Гребешок с розмарином от шефа
    Sea Scallop

    Sea Scallop is an exquisite delicacy, it almost does not contain fat, reach with protein, microelements, vitamine B12.


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