Gift Baskets

  • “Men’s club”

    Faithful companions for good cigar party

    Young brandy Armenika with mild taste, piquant almond bitterness and abundant bouquet of resinous vanilla tone complemented with hazelnut in dark chocolate.


    • Armenika brandy 0,5 l


    • Chocolate coin 100 mm
    • Hazelnut in dark chocolate 180 g
    • Cigars from the different countries


    • Glass for brandy
  • “Toscana’s Hills”

    Fragnant Italian flavorings and spices on the breadstics, figa balsamic cream, foie gras with truffle, sun-dried tomatoes and piquant zucchini in the premial olive oil, ham and red dry wine.

    Isn’t it sound like the music, worth of narrow streets and cozy squares of the Old Europe.


    • Red dry wine 0,75 л (for Your taste)


    • Balsamic cream 1 pcs
    • Berry jam 270 ml
    • Sun-dried tomatoes 150 g
    • Breadstics with spicies 180 гр
    • Foie gras with truffle 75 гр
    • Zucchini in olive oil 230 гр
    • Pork 100 г
    • Cheese, 45% 100 гр
  • “Man’s dialog”

    The combination of flavors makes a specific atmosphere in the man company

    The cognac XO is an elite variety of cognac, produced in the Puatu-Sharanta region, Cognac town, from where the beverage has haritated its name. In this set cognac complemented with dark chocolate with ginger and freshly roasted and strong coffee.


    • Cognac ХО 0,5 l (for Your taste)


    • Dark chocolate with ginger 250 g
    • Coffee Guatemala 250 g 
  • «Madlen»


    A combination of vanlla, chocolate and lemon pastries Madlen with fruit and flower taste of tea “Russian caravan”

     tea gives a particular feeling of joy, evoke best childhood memories.

    Tea and coffee

    • Tea «Russian caravan» 100 g


    • Madlen in range 8 pcs
    • Chocolate pearls 150 g
    • Golden chocolate coin 55 mm


    • Kettle 1 pcs
    • Tea couple 2 pcs
  • Времена года

    Времена года

    Натуральные продукты, собранные в этом наборе, позволят почувствовать ароматы и тепло лета, энергию солнца, рабость от пользыкачественных продуктов со всего мира.

    • Иван чай
    • Натуральный мед
    • Набор испанских ореховых масел
    • Натуральные чипсы из апельсина и ананаса
    • Сухофрукты
    • Орехи
    • Упаковка плетеный чемодан


  • “Russian traditions”

    This set made with classical russian liquor on prescription of merchants’ Eliseev House supplemented, honeycake and natural beet chips.

    The combination of authentic russian flavors will let you in into the atmosphere of the old Russia.


    • Russian liqour in range 0,5 l


    • Russian honeycake in range 1 pcs
    • Beet chips 1 pcs
  • «Moulin Rouge»

    «Moulin Rouge»

    This gift set includes English, Ducth and Spanish hand-crafted chocolate,

     made according to luxury Artisan method, with addition of natural flower and fruit acids.


    • Chocolate caviar
    • Extra milk chocolate with hazelnuts 200 g
    • Orange chips in dark chocolate 100 g
    • Golden chocolate coin 100 mm
    • Golden chocolate coin 55 mm
  • «Sweet life»

    «Sweet life»

    A nice break at work with a cup of aroma tea

    Treat yoursels with a wonderful milk chocolate with hazelnut.

    Tea and coffee

    • Tea “English breakfast” 100 g


    • Golden chocolate coin 55 mm
    • Milk chocolate with hazelnut 100 g


    • Tea couple 2 pcs
  • “The red arrow”

    This set for traveller will remind the days spent in the city of white nights

    Let our gift remind you about wonderful time in Saint Petersburg


    • Vodka KE 0,5 l


    • Ham Pork 100 g (for Your taste)


    • Sun-dried tomato 580 g
  • «Coffee abundance»

    «Coffee abundance»

    Balanced, with noble chocolate tones and silky aroma, the taste of Breakfast Blend resists playful Espresso blend, teasing with citrus and fruit notes.

    Italian crunchy toasts, fragrant Favols jams, a chocolate coin and decorated sugar complement this set.

    Tea and coffee

    • Espresso grain coffee 250 g
    • Breakfast ground coffee 250 g


    • Rhubarb jam FAVOLS 250 g
    • Citrus jam FAVOLS 250 g 
    • Exotic fruit jam FAVOLS 250 g
    • Crunchy herbal strips 180 g
    • Decorated sugar КЕ
    • Golden chocolate coin 55 mm


    • Tea couple 1 pcs

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