For children

  • Oriental tales

    “Oriental tales”

    Luxurious pleasure “oriental”

    Cocoa with sugar, vanilla merengues and aromatic exotic mango


    • Cocoa with sugar
    • Mango chips 60 g
    • Vanilla merengues 50 g
  • Sweet life

    “Sweet life”

    It’s a real sweet paradise

    Soft vanilla merengues, honeycakes in colored fruit glaze, natural apple chips and traditional english candies with taste of ruharb.


    • Vanilla merengues 50 g
    • Honeycakes in range 4 pcs
    • Apple chips 30 g
    • Леденцы ревень и заварной крем
  • «Lollipop world»

    «Lollipop world»

    Made from natural juice, multi-colored fruit lollipops shaped as berries and fruits, sweet striped canes and chewy candies – a lollipop rainbow rain!

     a lollipop rainbow rain!


    • Marshmalloy 70 g
    • Sweets «Juicy Jelly Beans» 240 g
    • Lollipop shaped like lemon 65 g
    • Fruit lollipop 100 g
    • Lollipop «Stick»
    • Lollipop «Cane»
    • Golden chocolate coin 55 mm
  • «Chocolate revansh»

    «Chocolate revansh»

    Ingredients for Eliseevsky chocolate collection are brought from all round the world: cinnamon from Sri-Lanka, ginger from China, vanilla from Madagascar, nutmeg from Moluccas islands. 

    It is a big chocolate basket will relish both those who are making the first steps in the confectionary world and experienced gourmets.


    • Chocolate caviar
    • Extra milk chocolate with whole hazelnuts 200 g
    • Orange chips in dark chocolate 100 g
    • Hazelnut in dark chocolate drops 110 g
    • Chocolate Golden pearls 150 g
    • a selection of sablee 7 pcs
    • Golden chocolate coin 100 mm
    • Golden chocolate coin 55 mm
  • «Lost and Found»

    «Lost and Found»

    Gift drops, a lollipop shaped like lemon, a lollipop shaped like raspberry, a cane, a stick lollipop, chewy sweets, black currants jam and a golden chocolate coin are searching for the best owner.

    For children only


    • Marshmelloy 70 g
    • Sweets «Juicy Jelly Beans» 240 g
    • Lollipop shaped like lemon 65 g
    • Fruit Lollipop 100 g
    • Cone lollipop
    • Stick lollipop
    • Black currants jam Favols 250 g
    • French kompot Favols 2 pcs
    • Golden chocolate coin 55 mm
  • «Gold Rush»

    «Gold Rush»

    The heaviest coin today is a 100 kilo coin of pure gold made in Australia, which is worth $ 1 billion. Chocolate Eliseevsky coins are not that expensive but made from best milk chocolate and let you forget your daily routine and indulge yourself.

    Go ahead! Let the treasure hunt begin!


    • 250 golden chocolate coins 55 mm

    Потрясающий сладкий набор для взрослых и детей

    • Леденец на палочке
    • Натуральный итальянский мармелад
    • Британские конфеты
    • Орехи
    • Брендовая упаковка от знаменитого гастронома «Магазин Купцов Елисеевых»



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