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  • «Madlen»


    A combination of vanlla, chocolate and lemon pastries Madlen with fruit and flower taste of tea “Russian caravan”

     tea gives a particular feeling of joy, evoke best childhood memories.

    Tea and coffee

    • Tea «Russian caravan» 100 g


    • Madlen in range 8 pcs
    • Chocolate pearls 150 g
    • Golden chocolate coin 55 mm


    • Kettle 1 pcs
    • Tea couple 2 pcs
  • «Moulin Rouge»

    «Moulin Rouge»

    This gift set includes English, Ducth and Spanish hand-crafted chocolate,

     made according to luxury Artisan method, with addition of natural flower and fruit acids.


    • Chocolate caviar
    • Extra milk chocolate with hazelnuts 200 g
    • Orange chips in dark chocolate 100 g
    • Golden chocolate coin 100 mm
    • Golden chocolate coin 55 mm
  • «Coffee abundance»

    «Coffee abundance»

    Balanced, with noble chocolate tones and silky aroma, the taste of Breakfast Blend resists playful Espresso blend, teasing with citrus and fruit notes.

    Italian crunchy toasts, fragrant Favols jams, a chocolate coin and decorated sugar complement this set.

    Tea and coffee

    • Espresso grain coffee 250 g
    • Breakfast ground coffee 250 g


    • Rhubarb jam FAVOLS 250 g
    • Citrus jam FAVOLS 250 g 
    • Exotic fruit jam FAVOLS 250 g
    • Crunchy herbal strips 180 g
    • Decorated sugar КЕ
    • Golden chocolate coin 55 mm


    • Tea couple 1 pcs
  • «Seasons»


    Recreated by our Chef Christof Frigara from an old book, this recipe of trendy macaroons have recently joined the newest gastronomic history of St. Petersburg. 

    Passionfruit, rose, raspberry, milk chocolate – this is only a small part of taste range of this charming dessert. Sablee and Barnier sweets complenent the sweet theme of this set. As a finale we recommend strong English breakfast tea.

    Tea and coffee

    • English breakfast 250 g


    • A selection of macaroons 5 pcs
    • Chocolate dragees 100 g
    • A selection of sablee 7 pcs
    • Golden chocolate coin 55 mm
  • «Breakfast at Tiffany’s»

    «Breakfast at Tiffany’s»

    Champagne Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut, with overwhelming but light hint of linden together with chocolate pearls Adchoc for breakfast. 

    Why not? It’s a great idea in the mood of whimsy Holly Golightly.


    • Champagne Moet & Chandon 0,75 l (beverage for your taste)


    • Chocolate pearls 110 g


    • Glass for champagne 2 pcs
  • «From me with love»

    «From me with love»

    Premium vodka «Eliseevy Merchant’s shop» distilled with fresh water from natural springs, is made following a unique old recipe, which was found in Eliseevsky archives during restoration works. 

    Black sturgeon caviar of “KE” trademark will serve as an excellent complement to this basket.

    Strong drinks

    • Vodka 0,7 l

    Fresh products

    • Black caviar 50 g


    • Golden chocolate coin 55 mm


    • Liqour glass 2 pcs

    Неожиданный микс богатых вкусов


    Какао с тростниковым сахаром, ванильной меренгой и ароматным экзотическим манго.

    • Южноамериканское какао
    • Тростниковый сахар ваниль со сливками
    • Высушенный на солнце манго
    • Свежеобжаренное кофейное зерно в натуральном темном шоколаде
    • Брендовая упаковка от знаменитого гастронома «Магазин Купцов Елисеевых»



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