In the center of St.Petersburg, at the corner of Nevsky prospect and Malaya Sadovaya Street locates a famous oldest Russian gastronom – Eliseevy Merchants’ Shop. Here you can find fish and meat delicacies, exquisite alcohol, fragrant spices, natural oils and dressings, French desserts from Pastry Chef, handcrafted chocolate and fresh in-house bakery.

history 1812 — 2012

The Legend
In 1812 on Christmas Eve the bondman gardener of Count Sheremetev Pyotr Eliseev served fresh wild raspberries which amazed everyone... Read more
The building process
The house was built by architect Gavriil Vasilyevich Baranovsky for a colonial goods shop of a trading partnership “Eliseevy Brothers”... Read more
On the front of the building were erected Adamson’s sculptures Industry, Trade, Art and Science — main values of XX century society. Read more
Gastronom №1
In the Soviet times the shop was called Gastronom №1. There one could get delicacies even in times of food shortage during the Soviet era. Read more
Comedy theatre
The theatre auditorium has always been on the second floor of Eliseevsky. Since 1904 it was let to many theatre ensembles... Read more
Second World War
Eliseevy Merchants’ Shop, made to rejoice and surprise Petersburgers, didn’t stay indifferent to tragic events of WW2... Read more
The building was listed as a specially protected site
Eliseevsky shop is one of few museum shops, that not only provides service and good to customers, but also immerses them in the atmosphere of distant epoch... Read more
The grand opening
Being forgotten for quite a long period of time, the Food Hall welcomed its customers on March, 8 2012 with refined atmosphere and luxurious interiors... Read more
Mikhail Shemyakin’s project of the shop-window
Eliseevsky shop made a fantastic gift to the city – a show window of unbelievable beauty with moving fairy-tale characters from The Nutcracker... Read more