Order cakes

Multi layer and grand, fancy and elegant, laconic and festive – cakes of any kind can be found in Eliseevsky shop. Made of freshest natural ingredients and decorated by hand, Eliseevsky cakes will make every celebration complete. French chefs Christophe Frigara and Nicolas Gersio, the authors of cake masterpieces thoroughly and reverently follow every step of preparation process, creating the trendiest images and decorating the sweet «skyscrapers» with utmost precision.
In the confectionary world exist own trends: mousse cakes covered with glassy or peachskin icing, decorated with fresh berries, fruits and chocolate.
Wedding cakes of tender pastel shades, embellished with flowers, edible lacework or figures of bride and groom remain trendy. Our pastry chefs are ready for bright experiments with taste: strawberry and lime, chocolate and raspberry, strawberry and pink champagne… Real gourmets will appreciate these taste combinations.
A cake matching the style of your celebration always produces a strong impression on guests and becomes the highlight of the show. We will create a custom make-to-order cake for you with no limitations except your imagination. It’s a pure pleasure even to look at our cakes because every of them is a real masterpiece.
To order a cake at Eliseevy Merchants’ shop, please call +7(812) 456 66 66